Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very tiring but eventful day! We woke up bright and early at 7 am, but that’s considered sleeping in for us! We started the day with a three-hour boat trip to Great Harbor Peter. I enjoyed the drive over because Ben taught me how to drive the boat! It took a lot of work and concentration, but it was rewarding when we arrived at our destination. Upon arrival, Marina conducted the Digital Photography lecture to teach the Dolphins how to work the Sealife cameras. After the lecture, the Dolphins went on our first digi photo dive to earn our specialty certification. Concurrently, the Neptunes went with Tina on a deep dive of 100 feet to explore a sunken barge! Once the two groups completed their dives, we all had an enjoyable afternoon of water-skiing and lounging on the boat. A relaxing afternoon was needed to regroup from the fun party the night prior. Dinner was spectacular because the chefs, Jack and Simon, made us Mexican food! Distant Drums got served with a buffet of Mexican food which varied from bean casserole to tortilla wraps. After the “squeeze,” Dolphins ended the night with a lecture to learn about their research project. PS: Kat saw two shooting stars! PPS: We are now about to watch Finding Nemo!