Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up and had a free morning period where we just sat around and chilled till lunch. After we ate lunch and then we went on a dive with just Me, Parker, Misha, Tomas, and Peanut. On our dive we found lots of glass bottles and cool items on the ocean floor. After our dive, we dried off and went for zoomies which is when we get in a super dinghy and go very fast. After zoomies, we went wake and kneeboarding. It was very fun. For the people that didn’t go, they stayed back and watched Mulan. When we got back, everyone started to watch the movie. But Parker and I didn’t because we went on yet another ‘solo’ dive. We saw 2 massive stingrays. We also found a bunch of bottles for some reason, but we didn’t touch them. Then we headed to the surface. After the dive, everyone took their sail exam and knot test. Then we built a sailboat rope swing which was very fun. We finished the day with a nice dinner and then wrote cards to each other for memories and stuff. Also, Riley (aka Jesus) stayed over for the night. Then we went to bed.