Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started pretty rough but ended great. Dryer, Bella, Kiley and I were all sleeping in the cockpit when a wave of heavy rain came around 4 AM. We ended up rapidly crawling out of our cocoons and rushing to the salon, which, unfortunately, did not have AC. The entire boat ended up in the most random sleeping locations. However, we all ended up finding a place to curl up for the remainder of the night. As a team, we decided that once the morning started we would start with our dive chat, so that we didn’t have to do it at the end of the day. (Great move on our part). So, we ate a gourmet oatmeal breakfast and enjoyed a lovely scuba video and quiz. After breakfast, we all got ready and motored to Leverick Bay, where we got snack for the boat, ate lunch and got to call home. Rhoads ended up spending some big dollars for boat snacks at the market. After we left town, we sailed for the entire afternoon and made it to our next destination: Mountain Point. When we arrived, Patino made a rope swing out of our halyard so we could swing off the boat. We finished the day with a double squeeze and were lucky enough to have director Mike on board to lead a game. Overall, this was a very chill day, which I think our boat earned and enjoyed.