Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up and got breakfast started. After everything was clean and done, we set off for Chikuzin. It was about a two-hour sail, and even though there wasn’t much wind, I still enjoyed it because it was nice and relaxing. It was uncommonly calm and not windy, so Sam was excited about the dive. On the way up, Sam and I talked about knots and sailing. When we got there, we discovered that unfortunately the mooring ball was missing and Sam had to dive down and tie a mooring directly to the wreck. The Chikuzin is a Korean refrigerator ship that caught fire and was towed out to the middle of nowhere to be sunk. The lack of swell made it easy to get into the water, and we got down quickly. There was pretty poor visibility, but it was still an amazing dive. The wreck itself was huge and covered in all sorts of hard and soft corals. Around it, there were tons of schools of fish, the most impressive being a school of 15 to 20 amber jacks that were easily four-five feet long each. The dive reached the peak of its intensity when we saw a reef shark. Ben, who had been talking about wanting to see a shark the whole day, was freaking out. We also saw a massive southern stingray and got to swim through the wreck. I had never swum through it before, and it was surprisingly spacious inside.

After that, we ended the dive and had PB&J for lunch. After lunch, we began our sail back. It took a little longer because we couldn’t put up all the sails while the compressor was running, but it was still fun. I got to talk to Kelly and listen to her music. When we anchored at Muskmelon Bay, we showered and started dinner while Casey and Ian went hunting for lionfish. Although they didn’t find any, they saw a huge nurse shark. We had the pleasure of eating dinner with Mike, and afterward, we did the Lifeworks postcard thing with him. We now have to do the DAN Oxygen Provider test. We are all having a great time and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!