Location: On Passage

Waking up to a thirty minute wake up call for lunch, those who were asleep were groggy from last night. On the flip side, in the morning we were greeted to the air conditioning blasting in the saloon, which was a great feeling. We all mustered in the cockpit to enjoy a nice meal of quesadillas and chicken, which was a great meal to start our day. After lunch cleanup we had a lifeworks class that lasted close to two hours, so we all got to know each other a lot more on a deeper level. After lifeworks we were all exhausted, but watch team 1 had watch, so they had to report to their watch duties soon after class ended. Luckily, everyone else had free time until 4, so a lot of us took that time to nap or work on some leadership class homework. We did down below showers which are nice because we feel cleaner doing those than on deck showers. After showers we had even MORE free time, so a couple of us, including me, went back to sleep until dinner which was at 6. Everyone was given a thirty minute heads up for dinner, so we all gathered into the cockpit again to enjoy baked ziti. As I type this, dinner cleanup is happening and then we will go back to our scheduled watch times. We are scheduled to arrive into the Chesapeake Bay by tomorrow morning.