Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Another beautiful day in the BVI’s. We wake up and start eating a fresh crunchy cereal. This was the last research dive we were going to do on the trip, so we had to charge our batteries because we were going to have our presentation about parrotfish. We dove the coolest wreck ever. It had little passages, too little for us to go through it but enough to see what it had inside. After that, we played some cards and just chilled for a moment until Matty reminded us to finish our essays. For lunch we had tortellini. After we finished eating, we made the squeeze question “what’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?” Everybody started telling their stories. Tillie had one of the best. She was chasing a cupcake around her house. Then we started talking about cheese and how it alters your dreams especially when you eat it at night. That brought some good memories with my sister. We started practicing our presentations to see how it went.