Location: Sydney's, Jost van Dyke

There was a lot that we did today! It’s hard even to remember what happened some days, or it feels like what we did in the morning happened yesterday. I think we’ll all remember what happened this morning though. This morning we hiked to the top of Mt. Sage, which is a four-mile hike with some steep sections. Someone from our boat, Wes, made it to the top in 46 minutes, and got third place in the whole program! We were all exhausted after our trek, and we went to eat at a restaurant that is rumored to have been the place Jimmy Buffett wrote his song Cheeseburger in Paradise. I think I can associate with him, looking across this beautiful bay and taking the first bite out of my bacon cheeseburger. After hanging around town f or a little longer, we went to an amazing beach to build sand castles. We started with an igloo, then changed to a pineapple, and finally decided on a hermit crab. We even had a real hermit crab as a model. After the beach, we docked with the other boats for a reggae party with the whole fleet. It was chill, and after a long day, I was falling asleep by the end of it. Tomorrow we’re having the practical portion of the sailing exam. I’m hoping it’s not too hard!