Location: The Bight to West End

Today was filled with cleaning, sailing, and more cleaning. I started the day by waking people up around 7. Then we ate cereal for breakfast. Shortly after, Andy and I attended a skipper’s meeting for the race, where all the boats compete to reach West End first. We were close behind Mary Jane, who was in the lead. The race ended up being canceled due to poor weather conditions. After the race, we had to clean every inch of the boat, literally. When we reached West End, most of us either grabbed a milkshake or bought T-shirts and souvenirs. Once everyone was finished showering, we began picking what to wear to the BBQ tonight. At the BBQ we will be with all of the shipmates from the other boats. I’m so excited to meet everybody. That’s pretty much all that happened today. It still hasn’t sunken in that we are leaving tomorrow. We have all become so close and feel like a family. I’ll miss everybody so much. Hope to check back in next summer.

– Rachel