Location: Nevis

Awoke in Charlestown, the capital of beautiful Nevis, after ending our 22-hour sail just the day before. The island of Nevis is shaped like an enormous green sombrero because it is an inactive volcano. After a brief breakfast of oatmeal, it was time to ride over to the docks in our new, high-powered, 15 horsepower Yamaha engine-clad dinghy, still yet to be named. Once on the docks, we made our way to the taxi, in which Barry, our ABBA Guided Tours tour guide, would lead a tour of the 36 square mile island for us. Our first stop was at the first church built on the island, an Anglican Church built in 1640. The immaculate stained glass image of the Christ figure in the background exuded an inevitable reverence along the pews. Next, we stopped at a pottery makers gallery and later at a church harboring one of four Black Crucifixes in the world. Then, it was time for lunch at the Golden Rock Inn, a former sugar plantation, which was perfected the art of ambiance and chicken Roti. Our entire tour culminated in a walk around the Nevis Botanical Gardens, another worldly area lush gardens featuring plants from around the world. Orchids, vase plants, and assorted fruiting plants were scattered throughout the gardens, and supposedly, the gardens also harbor a healthy monkey population, but unfortunately, they would not come out to play today. After our walk around the botanical gardens, we made our way back to the dock to return to our lady Los Escapados.