Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we had many plans set up, but in the morning we woke up to pounding rain leaking through the windows. We were supposed to take a swim test, but that was put on hold. We were also supposed to have a dock meeting with Mike, but because of the rain, Mitch had to give us the talk. He talked about cleanliness and other things. After the talk, we prepared ourselves to set sail! Because I am a returning shipmate I was able to pull us off the dock, although I came close to another boat; I guess I need to brush up on my navigation skills! Once we got to see Mitch gave us a lesson on sailing until we got sleepy-eyed and then he promised he would stop talking. As we pulled up to the Bight in Norman Island, we attached ourselves to a mooring line. When we were all settled in, Mitch demonstrated how to take a shower. We had to take the swim test before we showered, which was to swim around the boat five times! The hardest part was swimming upstream around the boat; then we had to tread water for ten minutes. Once the swim test was over, we dried up and had a nice dinner consisting of sloppy joes, corn, and mashed potatoes. Then the Carinas were picked up in a dinghy for the scuba chat. Once we returned to the boat, we fell asleep.