Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started the day off with some good French toast to fuel us for the fun activities that were in store for us today. It was a rotation day today, so we started waterskiing first, then we learned how to tie a monkey’s fist. It was complicated at first, but a lot of people got it on the second and third try. We helped each other out, so it was a good bonding experience. Then Griffin taught us how to navigate and read charts- it was super cool! He told us that we could even navigate by looking at the sun. We then went on our open water dive before lunch. Annie, Fiona, Jesse, and Giselle saw something super awesome during their dive. They saw a sea turtle get caught in the mooring line and they were gonna help it get out, but it freed itself. They said it was one of the most beautiful things they have ever seen. We also saw other cool things like lobsters, stingrays, and a variety of fish. After our dive, we were all officially scuba certified! We were all so happy, and all our hard work paid off! We came back to a ramen lunch that Anna had prepared for us. Anna even baked us a cake in celebration for finally getting certified. It was so good, we love you, Anna! After lunch we just motored over to Sandy Spit where we’re going to have our day 12 BBQ. Sandy Spit is basically a piece of sand with nothing on it in the middle of the ocean which is pretty cool! We had some swim time. Now we’re going to the BBQ, so everyone is getting ready to leave.