Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Entry :

7:00 AM: eggs for breakfast everyone had a sleepy breakfast and an early morning rain session

8:00 AM, everyone moved to Steady, and we started wake-boarding, water skiing, and sail chat. Rob has decided to stop attempting a backflip on the wakeboard and instead is trying to get some “mad air.” Leah managed to stay on her skis for 10 minutes in the pouring rain with a huge smile on her face. Morgan finally convinced Johnny and Robbie to try making bracelets, and now they are actually pretty good at it-although Johnny seems to make the same mistake again and again.

11: 30: we left steady and headed to Blue Tide for lunch. Margaux was very happy because they had replaces the vegetable soup from last year with cheddar and broccoli, and we ran out of saltines, so Rachel and Charli decided to use goldfish as croutons.

12: 30: it’s final fake dive and Kenny, Smash, Leah and Robbie all saw a turtle and freaked out. Rachel’s dive group- Rob, Kiran, Ellie, and Morgan- all decided to take their fins of underwater and do backflips for 15 minutes.

6:00 PM we get to the shore top have barbecue #2, and I finally get to see my sister again. We had fun socializing, and Kiran and Rob were really happy to eat the BBQ food finally.

8:00 PM We returned to the boat and Kenny decided to share his Nutella that he had bought offshore and everyone was grateful.