Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today, most of the crew awoke to each other’s presence in the galley due to the spurt of rain during the night and spoiled the hopes of sleeping under the stars. Shortly after waking we pulled up anchor and motored to Muskmelon Bay while enjoying oatmeal, banana nut muffins, and freshly cut cantaloupe. After finishing breakfast some of us went waterskiing or wakeboarding and some of the group stayed onboard and went over the ship’s systems to learn about how they work and maintenance required to keep them working in good condition. After everyone got the chance to do watersports and learn about the systems, we set off to do diving. The open water divers had their certifying dives while the advanced divers went on a deep dive. As part of the advanced group we dove down to 75-80 feet and experimented with the high pressure of being down that deep. We cracked open a raw egg and saw how the shape held even without the shell. After diving we had lunch (quesadillas) and set sail to Cane Garden Bay. The wind made it so if we sailed on a series of broad reaches switching shifts between the advanced sailors and the beginner sailors. After a two and a half hour sail we arrived at Cane Garden Bay where we prepared dinner. On the menu tonight was Thai peanut chicken and rice. Mike joined us for dinner where he got to know the crew on a more personal level which was awesome. After dinner we all cleaned and tidied up and sat down for our evening sailing chats. It was a great day in whole, that the whole boat enjoyed.