Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a rotation day. Whoop whoop! We woke up to clear skies and calm water, perfect for water skiing and wakeboarding. After recovering from some epic wipeouts and cool tricks on the water, we got ready to go diving. We polished off our skills and dove down to a maximum of 60 feet to see really cool fish, coral, and sea life we would never see on the surface. Today was an especially exciting dive because we left as certified divers! After delicious quesadillas and sunbathing on the bow, we headed off to our next island: Cane Garden Bay. We all shifted from reading, sailing, and helming the boat. After showering, swimming, and jumping in the ocean, we got ready for dinner. We are all excited for brownies later tonight after reviewing our RDP tables. We’re ready for a good night’s sleep before a super fun and long hike tomorrow!
– Sofia