Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

In the morning we woke up after a beach BBQ the night before. We motored back to Muskmelon Bay for our final open water dive before we would become certified scuba divers! We came out of the water to our instructors freaking out saying “what is this?!?!” We were worried until they followed it up with “newly certified divers are popping out of the water!” So now we’re all certified! After the dive, we stayed in Muskmelon for two rotations, waterskiing and Turk’s Heads knots, which is a type of decorative knot that you can tie around almost anything. So most of us have those on our ankles/wrists now! We then sailed to where we are now, where we filled up on fuel and water, and we are now preparing for the longest day of our lives (so far) tomorrow!