Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a busy day for the shipmates of Outside The Box. AYEEE After the barbecue last night; we slept in Leverick Bay. This morning at 6 am, we were woken up by the anchor and motored to Mountain Point. We arrived here early, before breakfast which was great, bagels! Mmm! Then we started our rotation day fast and early with water sports at 8 am. After we finished waterskiing and wakeboarding, we headed back to the boat to hang out for a while before we continued our diver course that today focused on RDP tables. Sofia and Micheal were hard at work making almost 35 grilled cheeses for a great lunch. After lunch, we headed to a diving boat to pick up our gear and new air tanks. Today was everyone’s last in water diving class before we take our final exam. Our last rotation was using the mini sailboats. The boats are called “zests,” and they are very easy to capsize (see the picture of Ethan and Tej). Although today’s main goal of fixing the girl’s toilets was not successful for the third day (not from a lack of effort), the day was still successful in other ways. While waiting for ur dinner, some played cards while Camilla and I had a photoshoot on the deck. We ended the night with tacos and a good sunset. PEACE N LOVE shoutout to my mommy!