Location: Marina Cay

All I can say about today is, wow! To start the day, our chefs whipped up some delicious pancakes and man they were good! After breakfast, all of us Love Boaters went to the bow to set up our dive gear. Once we finished setting it up, we all put on our PFDs so we could motor over to our dive site for the day. Luckily this was our only dive today because yesterday was one of the most tiring days so far! Fortunately, today was just a laid back day. To kick off the day’s activities, we dove on a site called the Painted Walls. My dive buddy and I saw some huge lobsters along with a few other sea creatures, including a yellow trumpet fish. After we finished our dive, our challenge of the day was getting back onto the boat itself. The swells at the surface were incredible, and the power of the waves was a sight for all of us. After boarding and putting dive gear away, I sailed us to Marina Cay to refuel and refill the water tanks. Even though I had the mundane task of docking, I was so scared of damaging the boat. Luckily I had my navigator William to help me navigate through all of the other yachts in the Cay. Then I began the docking process with the helpful guidance of Sam. His advice helped me a lot and I was perfect when I was docking the boat! To finish off the afternoon, all of the boats went to Trellis Bay, home of the best food in the islands. My new friends and I ate a delicious meal and then walked around for a bit. After returning to the boat, we all relaxed while the chefs and Kelli made tonight’s meal.

To conclude the day, we are going to all gather for a Lifeworks meeting at Marina Cay and then head back to our boats to rest for tomorrow. This trip has been amazing so far, and I can’t wait for tomorrow! I also can’t wait to see my family and Hannah. Love you guys!