Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Waking up to the perfect morning rain shower started our third rotation day off just right. Our schedule proved to have the best three activities available: Pico boat sailing, coral reef certification, and snorkeling. We started Pico sailing off with a boom as Rhoads had one of the funniest and most entertaining capsizes of the day. After many tries, all of the Sambam family made it to shore as new and improved Pico sailors. We headed to one of our co-fleet boats to start our reef conservation certification process. After a delicious and filling lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, we headed to the most adventurist activity of the day, snorkeling in a mangrove ecosystem. Within a few minutes of our two-hour session, we realized how beautiful and deep the ecosystem was. Now about to head off to the first BBQ with the entire AQ fam. Can’t wait to dance our feet off!