Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hi! We all woke up to a breakfast of yogurt and bagels and quickly proceeded to sail to our dive location. While sailing, we tried to play cards, but it got a bit windy, so we had to push through. Fernando provided the cards, and we all love how snazzy the deck is. Julia and Dylan won both games of spades. Once we arrived at our first stop, Harley helped Cat moor the boat. Next, we had rope time and learned a lot of knots like the bowline, figure eight, and a few brave people even attempted the monkey’s fist knot. Natalie was the only successful monkey’s knotter. Before we dove, we had some downtime while Matt and Cara helped fix the anchor. Ben and Alexis took this opportunity to nap. It was then time to dive. We set up our gear with the soundtrack of Ellie singing the national Anthem and Moana (again in her Britney Spears impression) and proceeded to buddy checks. The dive was at Blue Chromis near Cooper Island. The dive was an area of coral that’s almost a fish nursery, and everyone was surrounded by small, colorful fish. After our dive, we dried off and sailed off again. It was a bit stormy, and we all got a little wet, but everyone still had a good time. We anchored in Savannah bay and quickly got wet again because it was time to shower. Ryan and Natalie then cooked up a great dinner which disappeared quickly because everyone was hungry. We cleaned up after dinner, and Preston really enjoyed his job as deckie. Now we are about to start some dive review paperwork and get ready for bed. Everyone is so tired and ready for tomorrow! (We just got cake too, so I’m going to stop writing now) Bye!