Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hey everyone. This morning staff rose anchor around 6:30 and started motoring toward West End. Everybody woke up at different times and ate cereal for breakfast. Ellie was still asleep as we were coming into port, so Dylan, Preston, and Ben woke up Ellie with some a cappella. Everybody then went to shore to get our COVID tests. After being tested for Covid 19 to prepare for the trip home, in groups, we were allowed to wander around the dock area where there were many shops and stores we could shop and eat at. Omar’s cafe was the hotspot for food and coffee as all of us, as well as other boats, got some coffee and pastries there. Pusser’s, one of the clothes stores, was also one of the hotspots, where people mingled and purchased some pretty cool clothes. At 11:30, most people were on Shaka (our dingy) waiting for Fernando and Harley, who arrived at the dock just as we were pulling away. Don’t worry. Staff went back for them once they had dropped the first load of kids off on the boat. Everybody then participated in about 7 rounds of Mafia. Natalie was sadly the first person to die in Mafia. Soon after, everybody got their daily nap in. Julia, as usual, was the first person asleep. Everybody woke up when we dropped anchor at Great Harbor Peter. Ryan, Brabee, Fernando, Alexis, Julia, Harley, Preston, and Natalie went on a half-hour planned shipmate-led fun dive. Dylan then started making some delicious goulash for everybody, with the help of Fernando and Ben, while some people showered. Preston was also making a cake for everybody. Out of nowhere, some of the dive instructors were acting like they were drowning and all of the rescue divers had to put their newly learned skills to use for Rescue scenario 1. Ben, Preston, and Fernando are currently on their night dive while the rescues are playing RESCUE JEOPARDY!!! I am currently writing this from the power tower looking out over the absolutely stunning view. I hope everyone back at home reading this had a wonderful day as we have had here. See you guys soon!!!!!

-Chef Dylan