Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a super busy day! It was a rotation day, so we woke up on the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda and began a day full of fun and activity. The sun was shining down on us, and our healthy amount of sunscreen as my fellow Vegas and I went on our first scuba dive! Although the water was super shallow and there were few fish to see, it was still exciting to breathe from our regulators for the first time and practice the skills from our textbooks. After a rewarding dive, we relaxed on the beach, played in the water and enjoyed the sunshine! At one we took the dinghy back to the boat and began making and eating lunch. Suddenly the rain began to pour, which resulted in tuna salad everywhere and a tough job for the shipmates with the roles of deckie- Callie and Dan. After lunch, we returned to the beach, and the Carina divers left for their first dive of the trip! The Vegas and Carinas sailors then split into groups one, two, or three; one went on a hike, two did watersports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and windsurfing, and three relaxed on the beach and in the water. We rotated activities, so we all got the chance to go on the brilliant hike to the other side of the island. Before we knew it, it was dinner time, and we left the beach for the last time (sad face!). The shipmates with the role of the chef made a delicious dinner, and we soon left for the Lifeworks forum on Wicked Good. We all quickly fell asleep beneath the stars after a long and eventful day!