Location: Townsville, Australia

Today we woke up bright and early 5 am, gathering our last belongings off the boat and saying our last goodbyes to Mel and Barren (the crew of Eureka). After we took three taxi’s to the bus station and loaded up the bus for a 4-hour bus ride to Townsville. Finally, once we got to our destination, we took another four taxis to our new Hostel. After unloading our bags and eating some lunch, we headed off to the aquarium for a private tour. Once we arrived, we were greeted by our guides, and we toured the aquarium. We made it in time to see the shark feeding and were then toured around the different tanks of the aquarium. One highlight was that we got to go behind the scenes to their turtle hospital where they rehabilitate turtles who have been injured in the wild. We got to see previews of what we will most likely see on the great barrier reef when we go diving! We ended the day by making two types of delicious pasta at the hostel and celebrating Jonah’s birthday with a homemade ice cream cake!