Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

We woke up to another beautiful Caribbean morning and to start we had oatmeal. After breakfast, we headed to West End for lunch even though lunch was at 9:30 at a coffee shop that served pretty much just breakfast. We left port at 11:30 and headed to Great Harbour, Peter Island. Once we arrived two hours later, we went on a dive to explore the exterior of the wreck of the Fearless. After the dive, we had dinner, which was Mexican night. We had home made tortilla chips made by Greg. After dinner, the Dolphins went to Blue Venture for Lifeworks and Rescue went to Boss Lady to do our oxygen practical. At Boss Lady, after our practical, we went over our EFR practical, which happily everyone passed! After Lifeworks and the oxygen practical everyone met up at Blue Venture for the Caribbean Triple Crown. Our crew mate came in second place in the challenge. After the challenge, we went back to our boat to go to sleep.