Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up at 6:15 am and left Peter Island for a motor to our last dive site. Leela, Jay, and I managed to snorkel through the ripping current over the shipwreck. On our snorkel towards the stern of the boat wreck, we saw a sea turtle casually float by as though we were just another sea creature. It was pretty cool. After all the divers were up we all took our sailing test, which was challenging but successful. We finished our tests then took a dinghy over to an island for a short hike. We hiked to the top of a hill and the view was stunning. After our hike, we went back to the boat and ate lunch. When we finished lunch we headed back to Peter Island to hang out until dinner time. The rest of the day was super relaxed and nice. We had breakfast for dinner, which has been my favorite dinner so far and ended our beautiful day with lots of laughter. date: Aug 12, 2017