Location: Bora Bora, coral gardens, lagoon

It was another fine day in paradise, while most people were asleep (including me), Molly and Julia motored the boat farther South down Bora Bora where the coral gardens are situated. After a lovely breakfast of pancakes, we set off for an early snorkel at the coral gardens before it was ‘polluted’ by tourists. It was a great location as there were tons of squirrel, butterfly, angelfish, and even a barracuda as well as others (which I cannot name). After that, we headed off to the Lagoonarium which was an incredible surprise! There we were able to swim with black tips sharks, lemon sharks, and rays! We also saw turtles and swam with a variety of beautiful reef fish that came right up to us to many of our delights. I was especially lucky as I got to feed an eagle ray, who’s mouth was more like a vacuum than a mouth. Overall it was a swell day!