Location: Cairns, Australia

After a lazy start at 7:30 start this morning, we dragged ourselves out of the motel and onto a bus. We were taken to the Tjabuki Aboriginal Reserve, where we were entertained by a variety of performances ranging from music to dance to storytelling to throwing spears and boomerangs. We were lucky enough to get a turn throwing the boomerangs too! After some serious boomerang and spear throwing, we caught a bus back into town for some lunch followed by sunbathing and shopping. We then enthusiastically souvenir shopped in various venues around Cairns. We had a quick dinner and headed up to a Reef Teach. Once again we were entertained by a very engaging performer, this time a marine biologist teaching us about what we should expect to see on the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow! Our night concluded with packing our bags we’ll be living out of for the next few days. Diving tomorrow!!!!!