Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day started off waking up an hour or two later than normal to some great pancakes courtesy of Kalen and Quinn. While some stayed, asleep others went to go wakeboard and finish their scuba certification. When everyone gathered back at the boat, we were enlightened by Shona making a rope swing by using the boom of the mainsail. We invited a couple of other boats over to enjoy the fun and listen to music chosen by Garrison. We perfected our boom swing backflips, and all the other boats realized we were the coolest boat in Sail Side B. After the party, we began to sail to Road Town, where we had a shore day. Most people went to get food and snacks from restaurants and markets or just enjoyed walking around for a change of pace. After a couple of hours in Road Town, we began our way back to great harbor bay, where we began the day. The waves are rough, and the wind is blowing stronger than it ever has before. If it had been Day 1, we might’ve hidden in our cabins down below for the storm, but when given that option today, we all said no, put our jackets on, and cheered while we felt like big-time sailors cutting through the storm. Today we are having breakfast for dinner, and the chefs are preparing the meal while underway. As I am typing this, Kalen and Quinn are nearly falling over trying to prepare it. I would assume we squeeze and have a great night after this because we always do because Trent cheers everyone up because he’s so funny and cool.