Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

At around 7:15, we woke up and began our day. Pancakes were already being made as most of us were waking up. We finished our breakfast and played a game of cards on the trampoline while the staff was at an early morning meeting for the whole fleet. When the staff arrived back at the boat, we made our way to Mountain Point, where we did our dive of the day. It was a wreck dive called the Kodiak Queen, which is a former U.S. Navy ship. A few years ago, a group raised money to build an artificial reef that was made out of chicken wire and was shaped like a massive octopus. During hurricane Irma, however, the artificial reef was broken apart, and now only a few tentacles remain. The ship stood upright and was almost completely intact, so you could really imagine what it used to look like. After the dive, we had lunch underway and continued to Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island. During this journey, we sailed right next to two other dive side boats which began to throw eggs at us. We reciprocated by throwing rotten fruits and eggs back at them, and the prank war began. When we arrived at our destination, both the crew and the boat were covered in eggs. We spent the next hour or so scrubbing the boat down, getting off all the egg yolks. We then had dinner and prepared for our first self-guided night dive. During our briefing for the dive, lightning and thunder began, and we had to postpone the dive till 9:30 PM. Reluctantly we jumped in the water and began our dive. When we returned, brownies were being made. We all enjoyed some brownies and went to bed.