Location: Gibralter

None of us are used to long periods of sleep. We are all used to the four hours on and eight hours off, so when we are offered a long sleep we really don’t know what to do with it. All night we were either up late, or on anchor watch, so (as usual) everyone was quite sluggish this morning. We all ate a delicious hot breakfast, and were ready to start boat appreciation! To our utter dismay, Kevin Johnsen (our fearless leader/Captain) announced that he had to return to the BVIs to help out normal AQ. The day slowly progressed as boat appreciation began. We were all assigned tedious jobs like polishing the stainless steel and, if you are lucky like Sophia Manning and Emilia Paul, you could be hoisted up the mast, and polish there. All of this work made Argo look spotless and stunning, all in time for Jim (the owner and one of the founders of AQ) to come aboard and sail with us. Once all of the dirt and grime was cast away from our vessel we could go ashore. Gibraltar is a very English place, so they accept the Pound coin as their main currency (which none of us were prepared for), so most of us are getting a terrible exchange rate when buying snacks that will inevitably attract cockroaches, sadly. Tonight we say our goodbyes to Kevin, but tomorrow we climb the famous Rock of Gibraltar, so we should actually sleep tonight!