Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Morning broke early. Nobody was awake. Still, after sleeping at 1 am everybody was sleeping late. So at 8, we woke up, and at 9, we ate breakfast, mostly cereal. We later took down the hammocks and went to the dock to fill up on water. After that, we cleared the bay and raised the sails starting with the main and later with the jib; we interred new speed. As we went really fast, the waves went over the bow bashing the people in the beam of the boat. So the best part about the sailing was the gradual rise in complexity and enjoyability of the said activity. So after raising the sails, the complexity rose as we learned how to trim the sails and adjust to the presented challenges and environment. We arrived in the bay and, after having a challenging anchorage as the wind was strong. The challenge proceeded as we arrived with just about 5 boat lengths just off our bow. Later we washed in the stern it was to be a complex anchorage as the strong winds pushed us back, and then when we went to set our second anchor and the wind kept pushing us towards another boat till the first anchor kicked in and pulled us off the course of hitting the boat and secured as in a single position. So as the opening was secured, it came to our knowledge that the place was correct and we went for a swim. We then cooked sloppy joe’s and had an advanced scuba class.

– Miguel