Location: Underway to Mallorca 36 53.700N 001 32.335W

Today started very early for me. My watch team and I had the 12-4 shift. Most of this shift was normal, except for the dolphins. All of us on the boat have seen enough dolphins during the day that seeing them is not too big of a deal anymore. However, seeing them at night is spectacular. The bioluminescence in the water makes the dolphins look like something out of the movie Avatar. They glow bright blue in the pitch-black water. More sets of the bioluminescent dolphins were seen throughout the night. Most of the day we motor sailed along the coast of Spain. After lunch, Jim was showing Joe and Brad how to work a sextant the celestial navigation tool. I jumped in too for a little bit. In sailing class, we learned about navigation like the differences between true, magnetic, and compass headings. After class, we had on-deck showers. Today the showers were not that bad, and it was sunny and warm. For dinner, we had burgers and fries. Everybody is cleaning up now. My watch, watch team 2’s shift is about to end, and great slumber is about to begin.