Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today, being the skipper that I am, I awoke my boat with a gentle nudge rather than an aggressive shake, allowing my shipmates to appreciate me. It became a rushed morning after the staff meeting as we were separated into three groups, Grand Cru, Aftica III, and Panasea as our beloved catamaran, Odyssea, had to go in for repairs (no worries she’s back in tip top shape again!). We were experiencing intense waves on our way to the Chikuzen, the deep wreck we’re about to explore. At our destination, I awoke to find most of Grand Cru feeling the same way I did, a little seasick. Due to this, I was left behind on the boat while the rest of the group discovered massive eagle rays as well as a shark which was seen too. Watching everybody struggle and stumble up the ladder was amazing as the waves were crashing out of control making it difficult to get on the boat. The journey out of the Chikuzen was painfully long, and everyone ended up sleeping off the sea sickness they began to experience. We sailed to Muskmelon Bay where we snorkeled for our night dive. Tonight will be our third and final night dive which we have to navigate completely by ourselves. Everyone is slightly nervous but very excited!