Location: Little Harbour, Jost Van Dyke

We started off our day early this morning. After a quick breakfast everyone scrambled around the boat looking for shoes, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. for our hike up Mount Sage. I can officially tell you walking up a steep hill is quite tiring. At the top was a very beautiful view of the island and surrounding ocean, with bright patches of turquoise of shallow waters against the deep blue of the deeper water. Once we got to the bottom, most people went to the market for yummy treats you don’t get on the boat. Then we had an awh-mazing lunch at a burger place where I had the best mahi-mahi burger ever! In our little groups of friends some of us went to chill at the beach in the incredibly warm water. Some wondered around into tourists shops. Once our dinghies took us back to our luscious vessels we headed over to Sandy Cay where we had a sand sculpture competition. It was so much fun! Fritz’s head was in our sandy shark. Now we are in a cove about to go to another BBQ party. Tonight is going to be exciting with everyone in a good mood from fresh water showers even though we’re all sore and tired from the hike.