Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

After a good night’s sleep, the group entered the city of Porto Santo Stefano. Most of us found great comfort in a local Gelateria to cool off and contact our family and friends. The people running the shop didn’t speak English very well, but Matt was able to find a good way of communicating through the Spanish that he knows. After a few hours of wandering the streets, we found a nice place to eat lunch in the shade. After mingling for a little bit, everyone split off and went to various places -one of which was a grocery store where most of us bought snacks for the boat. Watch Team 2 now has a huge bag stuffed full of snacks. As it neared noon, we all found our way back to our dinghies and eventually Argo. The group then prepared for a 6-hour sail.
The boat accomplished quite a bit on this sail. For one, we brought up the dinghies and the sails at a record-breaking pace. The next big accomplishment lies in the saloon where everybody took one step further in their knowledge of the sea, in international yacht training and navigation courses. After resuming two-hour watch teams for about six hours, we arrived in Civitavecchia just after dinner and secured the boat onto a dock for the first time. Then after cleaning our cabins and the rest of the boat, we grouped in the saloon to watch a great movie portraying the life on the boat: White Squall.