Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up around 7 am which is sleeping in for Peeps shipmates. We also took a short sail to the most amazing wreck called the Rhone. It was about 70 feet down and covered with so many colorful and different textured corals. I also saw types of fish I have not seen before, such as squirrelfish, midnight parrotfish, and many blue chromis, and a French angelfish. We also saw an amazing sea turtle. We followed the turtle who was awesome and got some pretty great underwater photos of it. Later we did a swim through at the wreck for our wreck diving specialty. When we got out, all of the dive side joined up to take a short hike up Salt Island and look at the grave of all the passengers who died during the sinking of the Rhone. We each added a shell to the grave wall of the stones around. It was a chance to reflect and pay respects; the crew was the only survivors. We then took a short nap. When we awoke, we snorkeled over to a beach and collected rocks and shells. Deliverance came, and we got delectable ice cream sandwiches. Finally, we played card games and went water skiing and wakeboarding. We are going night diving today which will be awesome and all in all this day has already been amazing. Incredible times in the BVI.