Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning I was kinda disappointed, mainly cause I couldn’t drive the boat today. Then I found out that we were doing skiing today, and I got so excited. After breakfast, the boat came in to take us skiing. The reason why we were skiing today was that it was a rotation day, so we could go skiing, knot tying, and windsurfing. We had Charlie, Amanda, and I to go skiing. I went first, and I was planning on dropping a ski. I was so proud of myself when I started to slalom. After we were done, we went wakeboarding (which I sucked at). The lunch was the best lunch we have had yet, and it was mac and cheese. After we were done with lunch, I went snorkeling, which was amazing. I saw a couple of barracuda, jellyfish, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I went snorkeling with Ben, which was fun. Snorkeling was second to last. Last was knot tying. I was looking forward because I want to learn all the knots we need on the boat. Right now we are off to a beach party which is going to be fun. I would say this is the best day so far.