Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up early to a slangin breakfast. Some of our crewmates *Andrew* watch the sunrise while others slept in. Then we ventured to our first rotation, which was windsurfing, and some of us were slangin. Shape Up proved they were natural-born windsurfers through their slangin skills, which blew staff’s expectations out of the water. After windsurfing, the crew took their first breaths underwater in the scuba rotation. They practiced skills such as preparing their gear, clearing the scuba masks and observing the lively coral reefs. Shortly after, the crew headed back to Shape Up and had a slangin lunch of PBandJ. Then we got to take out the dingy’s and practice rescue and docking skills. After absolutely slangin it, the broserskiis in the waterskiing and wakeboarding rotation. Although some were better than others*Jocelyn, Reed, and Trent* everyone tried really hard. Then the crew did backflips while showering. After showering, we had a slangin dinner of summer thanksgiving, which smacked. Then we continued our “friendly” feud with the liberty boat, the 14-year-old boat. After that, we watched another scuba video to help us with our slang underwater. After that we shlumped.

Editor’s Note: Slangin’ synonyms: rad, gnarly, sick, cool, far out, groovy