Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

To start the day, Slow Motion motored to Cooper Island. Dolphins saw 4 shipwrecks in one dive, while Neptunes saw 2 and completed their wreck diver specialty. On the dive, I saw a huge porcupine fish, a sea turtle, and very colorful fish! After the dive, it was siesta time. Both Alex and I got some color (tanning). Chess and I went on a dingy ride to collect sargassum for the Dolphin lab. During that time Neptunes went for a second dive to see the other wrecks. Back at the boat, the Dolphins rinsed off the sargassum and found little crabs, baby shrimp, and baby fish. Later, we motored back to home base, GHP. Chess, Robert, Lilly and I went on a man-overboard practice ride with Maddie. As well, we drove the dingy! At the boat, we showered and Dolphins practiced for their presentations on the lab tonight. At dinner time, we ate breakfast for dinner and now it is time for squeeze.