Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was our first race day. As skipper, I was in charge of relaying the technicalities of the race to my team. At around 8 am, we picked up the anchors, hoisted the mainsail, flipped our PFDs inside out, and slathered colored zinc on our faces. Ellie, Mel, and Johnny helped make sure we looked coordinated for our first downwind race. We ended up placing an amazing second place out of eight boats. Then we stopped in West End for lunch and to take trash and recycling off and fill up on fresh water. After a great lunch from Omar’s Fusion, we prepped for our second race. We reapplied our colored zinc and motored out to the starting line. The second race was upwind, so we had to make sure our race tacks were on point. Rob, Leah, and Kenny helped lead us through them. We ended up in third place after a four-hour race. We all communicated really well, and we definitely got closer. We had an amazing Mexican dinner, and Alie joined us. We can’t wait for our Rhone dive and sailing tests tomorrow.