Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Hello everyone! I’m currently writing to you from Sandy Spit, BVI. Today we started with a 7:30 wake-up and the wonderful smell of french toast made by Preston. Matt lifted the anchor, and we set off to Sandy Spit for the Neptunes to dive the nearby site, the playground (even some rescues joined in as a fun dive). In Brabee’s wise words, “I saw more fish in that one dive than I have in my entire life” sadly, that sentence made me wish that I had joined the dive. Fernando also saw 2 sharks. Around lunchtime, we had some DMT’s (Divemasters in training) come and do some practice work with the Neptunes. As they were all working together, the Rescue group completed search and recovery dive 4. Once both groups had finished, the rest of the day 100% chill. After all of our adventures yesterday, everyone was pretty tired, and we all took a nice nap. Julia and Harley even took a 2-hour nap. As everyone else was resting, Ellie and I went to the hardtop and did some tanning while admiring the amazing view. Later in the day, we all played mafia and had some good laughs when Natalie and Ryan told some great stories. After our games on the blue lagoon, the Neptunes had their first full afternoon off, and it was greatly deserved. Tonight Dylan and Ben made what I call Beanie Weenies (aka hotdogs and baked beans) personally. I believe that this was the best dinner so far. And now, in the present time, we are about to do squeeze and follow with some Lifeworks. For now, It’s a beautiful view from the power tower as I’m also watching the storm roll in over the clear blue water. I hope everyone is doing amazing at home! We all miss you!!
– Alexis <3