Location: Cairns

This morning we woke up from a much-needed sleep (without beds breaking or giant spiders I may add) and went to a delicious breakfast at the hostel. After breakfast, we all walked through the rain forest path and mangrove boardwalk down to the beach. Some of us did yoga and exercised while others swam and enjoyed the sunshine, and even others walked down to the point of Cape Tribulation and scaled a big rock. After a walk back from the beach, we cleaned up and had lunch at the hostel before piling into a bus for the 3-hour ride back to Cairns. The ride was beautiful, with views of the mountains and rain forest on our right and the ocean on our left. After settling into our new accommodation, we took the bus into town to eat at the Cairns Night Markets; after dinner, we walked around the markets and got some gifts for us and our friends and family. Then back to the rooms for some fun games as the night concluded.