Location: Vixen Point, Prickely Pear

What a great day in paradise! Today our crew woke up early enough to great the sun as it arose as well. Like most days, we took our first dive early in the morning around 8:00. Most of us have become accustomed to life on the boat, and for those of us venturing, we have regained our stride in the B.V.I. After our dive, we quickly set sail for Leverick, a small port to the east of our dive site. As going to port is something of a treat for us, our arrival sparked a surge of energy among the crew as we all hurried to reacquaint ourselves with our phones and bathrooms. We left port at around 1:30 and made our way to the beautiful beach where I happen to be writing this. For those of us in the Neptune program (Will, John, and Luigi) the afternoon was kicked off by a lecture on boat diving. The Dolphin group went snorkeling in the mangrove site nearby observing turtles and plants alike. In about an hour (it is 5:30 at the moment), we will all be dropped off at the beach for a most excellent dinner and a party which we all hope will be AWESOME! P.S.-Matty, our captain, makes great homemade ice cream.