Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This day was long and fun! Our day started with the usual wakeup. Oatmeal helped us face this day strongly. We wakeboarded, waterskiied, kneeboarded, it was so fun. The beach we went to had awesome sand and lots of activities: windsurfing, volleyball. Then we went to a port nearby to call our parents and buy stuff at the grocery store. We quickly headed back to the beach because an awesome beach party night was waiting for us. The BVI’s best DJ rocked it. All of ActionQuest’s shipmates were there. We met other guys and had fun. The dance floor was full. Tasty hot dogs and hamburgers were offered to us at the BBQ. We watched a great fire show made by staff members. We returned to our lovely Vivo Libre boat very tired. It was a beautiful night as it didn’t rain.