Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up to the amazing smell of French toast. As we were setting the table for breakfast, the staff had told us that we were about to leave Sandy Cay and go-go “Sand spit” for a fun beach/dive day. After a very long and bumpy boat ride (as I was told, half of us were sleeping during the move), we finally made it to our destination. The Dolphins got their Scuba Gear ready for one of their last research dives at “the playgrounds” for their project. They ended up leaving on Rango (our dingy) and went dingy diving. Right as the Dolphins left, the Neptunes started getting their gear ready for a fun dive. We finally got our gear ready and were waiting for Rango to come back so we could go diving at the Playgrounds. Finally, we get onto Rango, have a pretty wavy 2-minute ride, and make our way to “Yo Dawg”(another boat anchored over “The Playgrounds”). As the Neptunes make their way over to the Mooring line, they were getting smashed in the face by ginormous waves. During the dive, the Neptunes saw 2 huge Reef Sharks roughly around 8 feet and one baby reef shark. They saw multiple parrotfish, barracuda, and much more amazing sea animals. After the dive, the dolphins and Neptunes made their way over to a little sandy island to swim, run, play catch, and much more. Then we went back to Tropicool and started making dinner (Hotdogs and Beans) which was very good. After we did a life lesson on how we want to improve ourselves. Finally, we finished the day with amazing brownies made by Javi.