Location: Sandy Spit

Today had to be one of the best days so far! We started our day with a research dive at a location called the Playgrounds. There were large rocks and strong swells, but the dive was pretty cool. We saw a huge puffer fish, and the Neptunes saw two sharks. My group’s research was successful. After that, we had some delicious soup for lunch. Then Matty took me, Jessica, and Alexander to some mooring lines for our second research dive of the day. When we got back to the boat, we all went swimming for a little while. Then we went to a beautiful deserted island and played an awesome game of kickball against Mambo No. Five. Unfortunately, we lost, but it was a close game! Right now we are all cleaning the boat getting ready for a BBQ on the same island we were on earlier. It should be a lot of fun. There is even going to be a huge bonfire.