Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We got to sleep in and then make awesome pancakes while Smash, Mason, and Jake went to a staff meeting. Next, we set sail for the morning and practiced man overboard drills, so we are ready for our sailing exam. After that, we had a late lunch of chicken salad sandwiches as we anchored in Sandy Spit, one of the most beautiful places we have been so far. Next, we spent the afternoon at Sandy Spit, which is an island that is just sand, no trees, rocks, or anything else. Jake dropped us off on the island, and we all rolled around in the sand. Then twenty minutes later Mason, Jake, and Smash came to the beach wearing their lumberjack rashguards and we spent the afternoon having fun in the water! After this, we went back to the boat for showers and dinner. We had rice and beans and hot dogs, and we are cleaning up right now while watching the most breathtaking sunset and getting ready to do a Lifeworks Forum!