Location: Marina Cay

Today we started the day with a quick motor ride to Leverick Bay to fill up the water tanks and fuel Phoenix up! Then we put the sails up and took a three-hour sail over to Trellis Bay. During the sail, some of us were able to check off parts of our practical test. The sail was a lot of fun, and we were able to freshen up on anything we were unsure about. Once we got to Trellis Bay, we got our spending money and phones and went into a tiny town with two restaurants and one market. The food was delicious, and the market had pretty much everything we needed. This small town was very nice, but it was hit especially hard by the hurricanes. After I was done eating Peter and I took a walk down the beach and saw boats the size of ours (51ft) and larger washed up on the beach. We saw large pieces of metal and broken wood everywhere. It was a mess. It was so sad to see such a beautiful island so destroyed. As a whole camp, our afternoon activity was helping out the community of Trellis Bay in cleaning up their beautiful little bay. This was my favorite part of the day because I felt like I was making a difference and I feel like we got closer as a Salsa family and with the ActionQuest community. As the dive side suited up and worked on pulling debris out of the water and onto the beach, our sail side split up into our boat groups and worked on different projects. We were able to complete a lot. After the cleanup was done, we went back to the boat and motored over to Marina Cay where we showered and had dinner. We did our squeeze, and my question was “what’s the number one thing on your bucket list?” Today was enjoyable but sad to realize that the trip is over half over.