Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Our day went off to a great start with pancakes for breakfast with Max, Carly, and Anna (all other staff members). We then went on to tying knots which transformed into Turks-head anklets and bracelets. After cleanup, we moved onto a partial rotation day which included wakeboarding, diving, and zest sailing. Then, we all showered in the ocean while blasting the one and only Mr. Worldwide (Mr. 305) Pitbull himself. We all got changed and took the dinghies to the beach for our second barbecue of the trip. After our beach entrance, all the boats gathered to eat burgers and hotdogs. Once we returned to our boat, we gathered in the cockpit and plotted our pranks against some of the other boats. I cannot disclose too much information, though! This was a very eventful day and definitely one of the best of the trip.