Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up bright and early to the smell of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. As we ate our breakfast, we anticipated the upcoming dive and bbq that would make up the heart of our day. After breakfast, we learned that we would be doing our dive today by ourselves. This brought great enthusiasm to the boat as we prepared for a wild dive. After getting our gear set up, we briefed ourselves for the dive. We then splashed. Our dive was a relatively short dive, around 25 minutes. During this time, we were able to adventure the reef freely and also navigate ourselves back to the boat. After our dive, we sailed to Sommers beach to prepare for our barbecue. We chilled on our boat for a while until other members of Neptune came aboard for an equipment lecture. The lecture went by smoothly, as most of the information, we had learned during our time here already. After the lecture, we played a game. This game involved putting together scuba gear while blindfolded. It was a thrilling game that became very competitive. After we ended the game, we chilled out for a while, while waiting for the barbecue. During our wait, we cut burger buns and prepared baked beans for our beach adventure. Around 5:45, we took our dingy to the beach. We were welcomed by the rest of ActionQuest from sail side to dive side. After getting our food, we found a large rock for all of us to chill on. After hanging out on this rock for over an hour, we decided we wanted to get down and possibly go back to good old Aquamarine. Even with us being one of the first groups wanting to leave, we were one of the last to actually get off the beach. When we got back, we watched two more episodes of Blue Planet. After the second one ended, we turned off the TV and settled in for the night.