Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Day 13 started off with a nice bowl of oatmeal. We then hopped into Jake’s dinghy to go to Bavastro and learned to make Turk’s Head anklets/bracelets and monkey’s fist knots. Once everybody had their bracelets done, Jake and Davis came each with a super dinghy that way we could do watersports. It was so much fun! After that, we came back to our beloved Saleya to eat soup. Jake came back again and took us to Bavastro again. We watched a movie about sailing called Morning Light and then sunbathed a bit with sunscreen of course before going back to Saleya for a good snack and showers. We are now all clean and preparing ourselves for our second BBQ at Sommer’s Beach. Everybody is so excited to meet the friends they made from other boats at the last BBQ. We are getting closer to the end of this wonderful journey so we try to enjoy each and every moment at AQ, though it can be difficult when you are on the dishy team 🙂